Bamboo Goldstripe

Bambusa multiplex Goldstripe

Goldstripe Bamboo

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Small clumping bamboo growing approx 3-4mtrs tall. Features golden stripes on the lower part of the green culms, and has has dense leafing all the way to the ground. It is one of the fastest growing, lowest maintenance screening bamboos, and is very drought tolerant and low maintenance once established.
Perfect bamboo to be grown in very narrow garden beds of 40cm wide or in troughs or pots, but is ideally planted in a space of 1m wide for its natural base size. Can achieve a full height screen in under 18 months.
Goldstripe is resistant to sooty mould unlike most multiplex bamboos.

Goldstripe is without a doubt the best screening bamboo to block out a single story house or unsightly fence. It is perfect for narrow garden beds or pots or troughs. For any novice gardener, Goldstripe is a low maintenance, easy plant to grow.

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