Orange Jessamine (25cm)

Murraya paniculata

Orange Jessamine, Mock Orange

Pot Size: 25cm
Plant Height : Approx 65cm (pictured)

Densely foliaged shrub with glossy green leaves and clusters of creamy, fragrant spring flowers. Closely related to citrus, the flowers have a beautiful orange-blossom aroma. Flowers are followed by red berry fruit adding to interest.

New foliage growth is a striking lime/yellow colour. Grows to approx 3m high. Used extensively as a hedge, for adding a tropical vibe and as a potted specimen.

The Orange Jessamine (25cm Pot Size) can be found in our Premium Tropical Garden Packages.

The Orange Jessamine is also available in (14cm Pot Size) in the Basic Tropical Garden Packages and in (20cm Pot Size) in the Standard Tropical Garden Package.


The Orange Jessamine (25cm Pot Size) can be found in our Premium Tropical Garden Packages

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