Johnsons Grass Tree (76cm Trunk)

Xanthorrhoea john

Johnsons Grass Tree, Queensland Grass Tree

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A very slow growing spectacular grasstree with a blackened trunk, usually as a result of bushfires. Growing to approx 4m tall, spent leaf bases create the trunk, single-trunked or less commonly multi-trunked specimens. Every tree is unique in shape, reflecting it’s history and trees can live up to 600 years. Thin, firm grass-like leaves appear out of the trunk tops and extend approx. 1m, arching over the trunk.
Grasstrees usually flower after a bushfire. In the absence of fires, they will only flower if healthy. Flower stalks are incredible, can grow approx 3cm per day and reach 3m high. Honey scented flowers attract birds and bees.
Grasstrees can take a few years to settle and adapt, but will make a statement in any garden style.

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